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AWR Analysis

AWR Analysis

Report Headers


Report Summary

Load Profile
Instance Efficiency Percentages (Target 100%)
Top 10 Foreground Events by Total Wait Time
Wait Classes by Total Wait Time
Host CPU
Instance CPU
I/O Profile
Memory Statistics
Cache Sizes
Shared Pool Statistics

Main Report

Wait Event Statistics

Operating System Statistics
Time Model Statistics

SQL Statistics

SQL ordered by Version Count
SQL ordered by Parse Calls
SQL ordered by Physical Reads Unoptimized

Instance Activity Stats

Thread Activity

I/O Statistics

File I/O Statistics

Buffer Pool Statistics

Buffer Pool Statistics

Advisory Statistics

MTTR Advisory
Shared Pool Advisory
PGA Memory Advisory
SGA Target Advisory

Library Cache Activity

Library Cache Activity
Segments by ITL Waits


AWR Snapshot Interval
IO Stat
VMSTAT Rule of thumb
Understanding OS load average and run queue or blocked queue in terms of CPU utilization in Linux

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